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Covid 19 Vaccination Clinic

We have received a limited supply of Moderna and Pfizer vaccine.  Please call to book an appointment.  You must be 12-18 years old to get the Pfizer vaccine.  If you received Astra-Zeneca or Pfizer as a first dose, you can get the Moderna as a second dose.



New ways to do things

In order to protect patients and staff, several changes have been happening throughout health care and our clinic has adopted some of these changes. Masks will continue to be required for the time being.  We are also continuing with enhanced cleaning.  Renovations to our waiting area has doubled the space to facilitate distancing.

Virtual appointments

We have been mandated to provide as much care as possible via "virtual appointments".  These can happen via telephone or Via Skype.  Please be aware that internet based communications such as Skype or Face time, may no be secure.  Prescriptions can be faxed to your pharmacy of choice.  We can send your lab requisitions electronically so that you can print it at home and take to the lab.  All other services continue to be available.

Office hours

Office hours have returned to normal.

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Patient Centered Care

Our Electronic Medical Record helps make us more efficient as well as give our patients easier options to book appointments and contribute to their own medical record.  

The clinic is very active in teaching the next generation of medical practitioners by welcoming medical students, family practice residents and nurse practitioner students to our facility.

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Our Team

Taking Care of You

Dr Michel Bruneau MD CCFP FCFP FPO

Family Physician in Oncology

Graduate of the University of Manitoba Medical School in 1994, Dr Bruneau practice consists of Family Practice, Nursing Home, Emergency Room, Inpatient and Oncology care.  In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, snowmobiling and martial arts.


 Selena Papetti MD CCFP

Family Physician

Dr Selena Papetti is from St Boniface and graduated from St Boniface University before going to medical school at the University of Manitoba. She continued on to the bilingual family medicine residency training program at U of M. She had never been to Lac du Bonnet until she was in fourth year medical school and did an elective in town for two weeks. After graduation she moved to Seven Sisters Falls and set up her practice in Lac du Bonnet. Dr Papetti has taken an active role in teaching medical students as she believes that exposure to the community will lead to recruitment and retention of physicians to the area. 

Dr Papetti lives with her partner Carson and her sons Mikko, Marku and daughter Saija as well as cat Sheldon in Seven Sisters Falls and volunteers with the local community club. 


Lisa Kroeker RN NP

Nurse Practitioner

Lisa provides a wide range of services from health maintenance, management of chronic medical problems and minor surgical procedures.


Dr Cody Clovechok

Family Physician

Dr Clovechok is a recent Manitoba graduate of the Brandon Family Medicine program from the University of Manitoba.  We are all excited to welcome Dr Clovechok to our team.

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Clinic Policy


Same day Appointments

We are proud to offer same day appointments for all our providers.  We specifically set aside a certain number of appointments every day to be filled only on that day.  These slots are intended for urgent problems.  These appointments can be booked every morning, but please call early.


Missed Appointments

Unfortunately, we have to turn away some patients every day.  We take missed appointments very seriously.  If you miss an appointment and do not call in a timely manner, you may be charged for the appointment.  Too many missed appointments may result in termination of the patient-physician relationship


Prescription Refills

Prescription refills require follow up appointments.  These appointments are neccesary to ensure the medication is still required and safe to use.  It is also a time to discuss other possible treatments as they become available over time.


Medical Learners

The Lac du Bonnet Medical Group is proud to be an active partner with the Max Rady School of Medicine of the University of Manitoba training nurses, medical students and Residents of Family Medicine.  This role benefits learners, our patients and our staff in many ways.  They are always asking questions and keeping us on our toes! 
We are forever grateful how our patients have been welcoming to our future care givers.

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Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm
Sat and Sun: Closed


Contact Us

The Lac Du Bonnet Medical Group is now accepting new patients.  Please call 204-345-5555 to arrange an appointment.

Questions relating to patient care submitted to the clinic email account may not be returned.  Please phone or use the patient portal.

40 Park Ave, Lac du Bonnet, MB R0E 1A0, Canada

Phone: (204) 345-5555

Fax: (204) 345-5550

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